" My experience of turned sound therapy with Jackie was profound. During the session, she created an incredible soothing and healing atmosphere using turning forks, singing bowls, crystals, and all sorts of other tools including her own powerful voice. I was totally surrendered to the divine energy around me. I had tremendous shift with my biofield during the following two weeks on physical, mental and emotional levels. Jackie is an extremely talented energy healer who deeply understands the truth of the universe in large through sounds and frequencies. If you come across Jackie, look no further. Chances are you have been sent to her for the healing you need and it is meant to happen."

           - Lillian Li, Hamilton, ON, Canada

"I came across Jackie at a time in my life where I was feeling very stuck and wanting change but needed help and guidance in preparing for that. Sessions with Jackie have provided me exactly that support and encouragement that I needed. Between the sessions themselves, the help with setting action items and goals and the checking in between sessions, I felt very supported. Her emails always seemed to come right when I needed them and I appreciate all of her encouragement and good advice. Thank you, Jackie!"

           - Suzanne Johnson, Toronto, ON, Canada

"I just finished my first sound therapy session with Jackie and it left me feeling so light and happy. My mind feels so much more in tune with the rest of my body and I just generally feel relaxed and purposeful. What's unique about Jackie's practice is that after the session is over, she chats with you about what she uncovered and what may be clouding you. It was an extremely comfortable and insightful experience. I can't wait for my next session!"


           - Mariam Qizilbash, Toronto, ON, Canada

"This was my first sound therapy treatment, and it was a great experience! I have been trying many different treatment options for relieving stress and trauma. Jackie is very caring and sensitive in her work. Immediately after treatment, I felt relaxed. In addition to this, I also felt relief from a nagging pain in my left shoulder. In the days following, I also felt more clear-headed. I would definitely recommend anyone working through physical or psychological discomfort to try working with Jackie."

            - Christa Mercey, Waterloo, ON, Canada

" I’ve been working with Jackie for a few months now and the experience of sound healing has been truly transforming. I walked past her booth at the Metaphysical show and something propelled me to her, and after a doing a demo with her, I knew I needed to work with her. I embarked on a healing journey in 2015 after being diagnosed with advanced stage Ovarian cancer. Cancer is not just a disease of the body but a dis-ease of the soul. So, I’ve complimented my medical treatments with various holistic modalities to mend both body and soul. Sound healing with Jackie has helped me to release a lot of stagnant energy, and is helping me get to the core of some really icky sticky ideas/behaviours that I’ve been holding on to, as I believed them to be true, that are not true and don’t serve me anymore, ultimately contributing to my body holding on to this disease. This has brought me a lot of peace and strength, and has helped me reconnect with my body. Jackie and her environment are very warm, inviting and peaceful; its like getting a massage for your soul. I would highly recommend Jackie and sound Healing for anyone who is on a healing journey and is looking for a guide to help them through. So glad I listened to that little voice inside and stopped at her booth! ☺️"

             - Kelly Branco, Toronto, ON, Canada

"Working with Jackie has been amazing. I had no previous experience with any sort of sound healing or energy work and I was a little sceptical going into it. But after my first session, I was blown away. It's like therapy without having to talk!

I always leave feeling like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and the tips she has given me to use on a day to day has been great. It can be hard to keep up the feeling you have after a session - her advice has helped me to add small things to my daily routine that helps keep me mindful and zen.

Thank you, Jackie ❤️"

              - Brittany Ffrench, Toronto, ON, Canada

"I would recommend Tuned Sound Therapy to busy people and those who lead a lifestyle in which stress managing is an essential aspect, based on my own experience and observation of Jackie's work. I experienced various degrees of relaxation and stillness during each session. Some emotions and images occasionally come up to the surface. Right after each session, I feel that my movements become much more conscious and enjoyable, as if my neurons were wired afresh. The intention that I had for each session was integrated into my life to a great extent and in a short amount of time.

Jackie works with incredible intuition and sensitivity: many sounds that she employs in the session and points that she discusses after the session are surprisingly relevant to my actual feelings and concerns. Being a great listener, she is very considerate and encouraging. The action items she gives me are very practical and effective too.
I'm grateful for all that happened thanks to the help transmitted through her, including palpable shifts in energy, reduced resistance to life situations and increased perception of beauty in the lovely nature."

                 - Legeng Yu, Toronto, ON, Canada

"Jackie is just amazing… I have been seeking permanent healing of my chronic low energy and had already been going down the path of different modalities. Jackie has brought a new level of healing that strengthening to my life. After the first appointment, I felt more energy than I felt in a long time. It is still in work in progress, but definitely feeling steady improvement.

Jackie supports her sessions with coaching and a lot of love and care, immediately after the session and in between sessions. That additional support is very important and integral in making the healing and strengthening process much more effective and helping you to understand and listen to your body better.

Jackie is a genuinely loving and caring person and you feel a sincere interest and concern for your well being and improvement at all times.

Her sound therapy is addressing what’s seems to be intangible to most, but yet has a great impact on your everyday life. This is something I would recommend to anyone, whether they feel that they have any type of health issue or not. At the very least, everyone could use this type of tune-up and a bit of Jackie’s TLC.

Even my unborn baby boy and his mother are being tuned up to maximize his development before birth."

                 - Ivan Harrilal, Toronto, ON, Canada

"As a Spiritual Healer myself, I cannot stress the importance of being on the receiving end of a Session. When I heard that Jackie was offering Sound Therapy, I could not wait to book! The session completely exceeded my expectations. I practice self-care regularly, although, I am always open to trying out different modalities.

The energy created with the tuning forks, was like a cellular massage that I could feel in my whole body. There was some stagnant energy I had been working on releasing. It seemed to just ‘shake’ loose. It was definitely like nothing I had experienced before.

I spent the night in relaxation, allowing the energy to flow. I woke up the next day feeling super motivated and I had so much energy! It ended up being a day full of productivity and I am so excited for our next session together. We booked it right away!"

                   - Rebekah England, Toronto, ON, Canada

"As someone who is constantly on the go taking a chance to pause with Jackie and learn about myself was extremely important to me. She is kind, passionate, and thorough in her work, with a great professional demeanour. I truly believe everyone should give this type of therapy a shot at least once, it could create some big shifts for you!"

                  - Emily Reid, Toronto, ON, Canada


"Jackie is a talented, compassionate, grounded and intuitive healer. I received a sound therapy session a few weeks ago and it was a deeply transformative and relaxing experience. After our session, I felt light and calm. Jackie shared with me the blockages she felt during my session and intuitive messages about them ~ they were spot on! Since my session, so much has shifted in the areas she felt blockages, that I am so grateful I decided to receive healing through this modality.

I highly recommend booking sound therapy with Jackie. Her sessions are an enjoyable way to “tune” your instrument (yourself), bring things into alignment, clear blockages, and raise your frequency. I will most definitely be seeing Jackie again!"

                - Vanessa Benlolo, Loretto, ON, Canada

"Jackie creates such a calm and open environment. I've attended multiple sessions and in each one she has helped me work through a block in my life. Her tunings bring me clarity and focus and I leave with a renewed sense of calm and confidence in my path. I'll admit, I was sceptical at first but all it took was one session for me to truly understand the incredible work that Jackie is doing. You have to experience it for yourself!"

                - Alison Tyndall, Toronto, ON, Canada

"Prior to the session with Jackie I was very weighted down. I was overwhelmed and anxious. Things were just bothering me and were making me depressed. I couldn't seem to get out of it. I felt very heavy and alone. After the session, I feel light, energized and I didn't want the session to end. It felt incredible to have burdens lifted and to be able to face the world with renewed energy."

                  - CJ Berg, Oakville, ON, Canada

"I had an amazing sound tuning with Jackie O. I'm a highly sensitive person. At the beginning of my session, I started to feel very light headed and a strong physical feeling of something happening to my body. This was from the expression of this modality. As she was approaching the completion of this modality, the sensations in my lower region had completely released any discomfort. I was feeling amazing at the end of this session and the feel carried on for weeks. This process will make you feel more physically, mentally sound and also healthy again. "

               - Katie Canto, Bath, PA, USA


Tuned Sound Therapy in Oakville presents complementary health techniques to aid in stress reduction, and rejuvenate one’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. Vibrational Sound Therapy helps the body restore its natural free flowing energy to allow the body a better opportunity to heal itself. We do not diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions, impairments, or diseases.  In the case of any of the aforementioned symptoms, please seek the advice of a professional health care provider. The information provided is for educational purposes only. 

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