Feeling Spacey? - Grounding Tips

If you're having trouble staying focused and present, your mind is racing, or you're experiencing overwhelm and anxiety, you're probably not grounded.

Grounding is so important. Grounding allows us to inhabit our entire being with our consciousness and transfer any energy that's not serving us to the earth.

Our bodies are just complex, walking electrical systems.

Think about what happens to an electrical system that's not grounded properly. It's hard for the right amount of power to be distributed to all the right places, meaning that it's easier for the circuit to become overloaded. The earth provides a common reference point for the many voltage sources in an electrical system. Our bodies are just complex, walking electrical systems. We require grounding in the same way to prevent our circuits from becoming overloaded, which manifests as racing thoughts, nervousness and anxiety, and overwhelm.

How Do I Ground Myself?

Glad you asked! There are many different ways to ground, but here are some of my favourites:

1. Get out into nature. Go barefoot on the grass, hug a tree, smell a flower, swim in a lake.

2. Carry grounding crystals - hematite is one of my favourites for this.

3. Eat some grounding food - root vegetables that are nutrient dense and hearty, or a square of real, dark chocolate

4. Coffee - even just smelling some fresh coffee grounds (coincidence, I think not!) has a grounding effect for me

5. Breathe, and imagine your legs growing roots down into the earth. Feel the flow of excess nervous energy into the ground and the clean, recharging energy flowing from the ground up your legs and spreading to every corner of your body.

Happy grounding!



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