Dr. Jackie Obermeyer

"The spaces between the notes are just as important as the notes themselves."

Combining her expertise in neuroplasticity with her 25 years of musical training and performance experience, Dr. Jackie Obermeyer has developed a unique strategy for optimizing energetic health and wellbeing. Using specific frequencies and combinations of sounds, she works with individuals to disrupt limiting subconscious programming and implement new neuro-architecture to support the growth and evolution of their consciousness. 


Jackie believes that we all have the capacity to thrive in this world, and that all it takes is finding the right frequencies to support the life experience we want to have. She founded Tuned Sound Therapy in 2018 after 2 years of practicing vibrational sound therapy with tuning forks while finishing her doctorate in chemical and biomedical engineering. Her ideal client is someone who is ready to let go of addictions, habits or mindsets that are not serving them, and is ready to play life at a whole new level! 


Tuned Sound Therapy in Oakville presents complementary health techniques to aid in stress reduction, and rejuvenate one’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. Vibrational Sound Therapy helps the body restore its natural free flowing energy to allow the body a better opportunity to heal itself. We do not diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions, impairments, or diseases.  In the case of any of the aforementioned symptoms, please seek the advice of a professional health care provider. The information provided is for educational purposes only. 

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