Everything you need is already within you.

Our mission is to teach you how to hear 

the answers you already possess.

Our Mission 


Our Method

Set Your Intention

Activate Your Energy

Change Your State

First, let's connect and discover the things, patterns, or behaviours in your life that you would like to change, shift, or release. This initial conversation will help us to craft a powerful intention for your sound session that will focus your awareness and guide the energy.

Every sound session begins with a guided meditation and crystal gridding to set your intention and create the space for our work together. Lay back and relax as we use sound to activate, read, and shift your energy.  

As the sound session ends and you return to the here and now, we'll discuss the state of your energy, and develop strategies for maintaining your new vibe beyond the session. Every strategy is tailored to the individual.

Woman Meditating

Virtual Sessions

All sessions are virtual, over Zoom. 

We can work with your energy no matter where you are physically. Enjoy sessions in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you have a stable internet connection and a pair of headphones.

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Dr. Jackie Obermeyer

Jackie founded Tuned Sound Therapy in 2018 after 2 years of practicing vibrational sound therapy while finishing her doctorate in chemical and biomedical engineering. Sound therapy has been instrumental in her own journey and she has made it her mission to introduce others to this amazing modality as well. She deeply believes that we all have the capacity to thrive in this world, and that all it takes is recognizing the frequencies that support the life experience we want to have.