Every breath is a new dimension.

Ground | Breathe | Activate

Every session begins by bringing you into the present moment. 

Focus | Listen | Feel

The sound is your guide. The soul is your path. Learn to hear the answers within you.

Meditating in Mountains

Cleanse | Release | Renew

Let go of whatever is not serving you. 

Experience the Shift

"Right after each session, I feel that my movements become more conscious and enjoyable. It's as if my neurons were wired afresh!"

- Legeng Y.

“I had a tremendous shift with my biofield during the following two weeks on physical, mental and emotional levels" 

- Lillian L.

“My mind feels so much more in tune with the rest of my body and I just generally feel relaxed and purposeful." 

- Mariam Q.

“Immediately after treatment, I felt relaxed. In addition to this, I also felt relief from a nagging pain in my left shoulder. In the days following, I also felt more clear-headed." 

“Sound healing with Jackie has helped me to release a lot of stagnant energy, and is helping me get to the core of some really icky sticky ideas/behaviours that I’ve been holding on to." 

“The energy created with the tuning forks, was like a cellular massage that I could feel in my whole body. There was some stagnant energy I had been working on releasing. It seemed to just ‘shake’ loose."

- Christa M.

- Kelly B.

- Rebekah E.