to your authentic Self

...and discover your unlimited potential. 


Why Sound Therapy?

We’ve all experienced a shift in physiology, emotion and mindset triggered by sound. The first note of a song that reminds us of an ex, or one angry honk from a car horn has the power to change our state in an instant. Sound therapy harnesses that power to release negative thought patterns, clear obsolete energetic blockages, and access higher states of being.

The body is an instrument that, just like a guitar, piano or violin, requires tuning. Interaction with the environment (people, places, food, toxins, energies, etc.) over time draws us out of alignment and results in dissonance within and between the energy bodies. This dissonance creates blockages to the flow of energy and manifests as physical dis-ease, mental illness and emotional turmoil.


Tuned Sound Therapy offers “Symphonic Healing” - tuning, balancing and synchronizing of your frequencies like a symphony orchestra to bring forth the authentic music of your entire being.


It Works

Sound energy can be used to guide both the physical and energetic bodies back into balance and harmony. 

Guided Meditation Meets Sonic Massage

Ground. Breathe. Activate.

Every tuning begins by bringing you into the present moment. From there, the sound will guide you to a new state of being. 

"Right after each session, I feel that my movements become much more conscious and enjoyable, as if my neurons were wired afresh."


—  Legeng Yu, Toronto, ON


Tuned Sound Therapy in Oakville presents complementary health techniques to aid in stress reduction, and rejuvenate one’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. Vibrational Sound Therapy helps the body restore its natural free flowing energy to allow the body a better opportunity to heal itself. We do not diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions, impairments, or diseases.  In the case of any of the aforementioned symptoms, please seek the advice of a professional health care provider. The information provided is for educational purposes only. 

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